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L-Malic Acid

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L-Malic acid is colorless acicular crystal, or white crystal powder, odorless, with pungent refreshing and sour taste.

L-malic acid, found in the pulp of immature hawthorn, apple and grape fruits. It can also be prepared from fumaric acid by biologcal fermentation. It is an important intermediate product of the internal circulation of the human body and is easy to be absorbed by the human body, so it is widely used in food as a food additive and functional food with exellent performance.







L-malic acid is an important component of natural fruit juice. Compared with citric acid, it has high acidity (acidity is 20% stronger than citric acid), but soft taste (has a high buffer index), special flavor, does not damage the mouth and teeth, is conducive to amino acid absorption in metabolism, does not accumulate fat, and is a new generation of food acid flavor agent. Known as "the most ideal food acid" by the biological and nutritional circles, it is replacing citric acid in food for the elderly and children since 2013.

L-malic acid is an essential organic acid for human body and an ideal food additive with low calories. When 50% L-malic acid is shared with 20% citric acid, it presents a strong natural fruit flavor.

Drinks (various cool drinks) : Soft drinks prepared with L-malic acid to quench thirst and taste refreshing, with malic acid taste, close to natural juice. Some large Chinese food companies, such as Wahaha Group and Jianlibao Group, have started using L-malic acid in their beverages.

L-malic acid is a cyclic intermediate of biological tricarboxylic acid, taste close to natural juice and natural flavor, compared with citric acid, produce lower heat, taste better, so widely used in alcohol, beverages, jams, chewing gum and other foods, and gradually replace the momentum of citric acid.  At present, it is one of the organic acids with the largest amount and good development prospect in the world food industry.

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