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Why use feed additives?

feed additives are products used for animal nutrition and health. The overall purpose of using feed additives is to improve the quality of feed for animals and the quality of food from animals. In today's farm factories, manufacturing the feed of livestock is a complex task full of intersections of

2022 04-01
Why are food additives widely used?

For thousands of years, people have been using certain food additives such as vinegar, salt, smoked, sugar, etc, for various reasons such as making the foods last longer, such as bacon, candy, or wine. food additives nowadays are substances that are added to food to maintain flavor or enhance taste,

2022 03-28
What microelements are there in feed additives?

The difference between macroelements and microelements in feed additives is based on the dietary requirements of animals. Usually, microelements require trace amounts, less than 0.01% of the whole feedstuff, and act as enzyme activators or components of organic compounds. But macro elements often ma

2022 03-25
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