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  • [Company News] Looking forward to meeting you at DJAZAGRO on June 5-8, 2023

    Sunway Group, a leading international food ingredients provider, is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming DJAZAGRO trade fair, scheduled to be held from June 5-8, 2023, in Algiers, Algeria.As a globally recognized supplier of high-quality food ingredients, Sunway Group is excited to

  • Information about sodium nitrite

    Sodium nitrite is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula NaNO2, a white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol, and ether, mainly used in the manufacture of azo dyes, but also as a mordant for fabric dyeing, bleaching agent, metal heat treatment agent. Sodium nitrite is also used as a coloring agent and preservative in the processing of meat products. Because sodium nitrite behaves as an alkaline reaction and reacts with oxygen in the air, it can be used to prevent rust in steel sheets.

  • The properties of magnesium citrate

    Magnesium citrate is a colorless crystalline granule or white crystalline powder formed by magnesium carbonate and citric acid, non-toxic, non-corrosive, easily absorbed by moisture, soluble in dilute acids, and slightly soluble in water and ethanol. Its magnesium content is up to 11% and the magnesium it contains is easily absorbed by the body, making it an important source of magnesium supplementation.

  • The information and precautions of creatine

    Creatine is a substance synthesized from three amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. It can be synthesized by the body itself or consumed from food. Creatine, an amino acid derivative naturally produced in the human body, can rapidly increase muscle strength, speed up fatigue recovery and improve explosive power. The more it is stored in the body, the greater the strength and athletic ability.

  • The function and source of L-Arginine

    L-Arginine, with the chemical formula C6H14N4O2 and molecular weight of 174.20, is an amino acid compound. It participates in the ornithine cycle in the body and promotes the formation of urea so that ammonia produced in the body is converted into non-toxic urea by the ornithine cycle and excreted by the urine, thus reducing the blood ammonia concentration. There is a high concentration of hydrogen ions, which helps to correct the acid-base balance in the case of hepatic encephalopathy. Together with histidine and lysine, L-Arginine is a basic amino acid.

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