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Different types of food additives

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Generally speaking, food ingredients and additives are substances added to food to maintain or improve the safety, freshness, taste, texture, or appearance of food. Some food additives have been used for hundreds of years for the preservation of food or drink, such as salt, sugar, or sulfur dioxide. So, what exactly are the different types of food additives in the modern industry?


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l What types of raw materials can food additives derive from?

l What are the main types of food additives?


What types of raw materials can food additives derive from?

food additives are existing in nearly every kind of food we eat today, like the sugar in the gem you eat in the morning, the salt in the steak you eat in the noon, the sulfur dioxide in the wine you drink in the evening. So what exactly are they from? Actually, food additives can be derived from various materials like plants, animals, or minerals, they can even be synthetic. 


What are the main types of food additives?

Feed additives are deliberately added to food to perform certain technical purposes that consumers usually take for granted. Thousands of food additives are used every day in food industries, all of which are dedicated to specific tasks that make food safer or more attractive. Based on the functions of different food additives, they can be separated into three categories. The first is the flavoring agent. Flavoring agents are normally used to improve aroma or taste constitute the most used additives in foods. Hundreds of flavoring agents are added in foods from candies and soft drinks to cereals, cakes, and yogurt to give them natural flavors include mixtures of nuts, fruits, and spices, as well as flavors derived from vegetables and wine. The second type is an enzyme. An enzyme preparation is an additive that may or may not be added to the final food. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that can facilitate biochemical reactions by breaking larger molecules into smaller structural units. They can be obtained by extraction from plant or animal products or microorganisms such as bacteria and used as a substitute for chemical-based technologies. They are mainly used for baking, making juice, wine and brewing, and cheese making. The third type of food additives is “other additives”. This kind of food additive can be used for many reasons, such as preservation, coloring, and sweetening. They are added when preparing, packaging, transporting, or storing food, and eventually become an integral part of the food. To discuss in a more detailed way, preservatives can slow down the decomposition caused by mold, air, bacteria, or yeast. In addition to maintaining food quality, preservatives also help control contamination that can lead to food-borne diseases, including life-threatening botulism. Coloring food additives are added to food to replace the color lost in the preparation process, or to make the food look more attractive. Non-sugar sweeteners are often used as sugar substitutes because they contribute fewer or no calories when added to food.


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