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When to use sweeteners?

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Sweetener is a kind of food additives and a general word to represent various natural and artificial substances that provide sweetness in foods and beverages. Apart from adding a strong sweet to foods or drinks, sweeteners as a kind of food additives can also be used in food preservation, fermentation during brewing, winemaking. They can even help with the tenderization of texture in the baking process, food browning, and caramelization. So, when should such kind of food additives be used? Please allow me to introduce that to you in the following contents.

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l What are sweeteners?

l When should sweeteners be used?

What are sweeteners?

Sweeteners as a kind of food additives can be natural or man-made. Generally speaking, Natural sweeteners are the type of sweeteners that are used most often since they are both nutritious and flavorful. They can be used as both food and flavoring agents. However, common sugars and other nutritive sweeteners such as honey and corn syrup are related to health problems such as obesity and tooth decay and even threatens life for diabetics. Scientists have been working hard since the 19th century to produce non-nutritive sweeteners as food additives that are not metabolized and have almost no or no calories. Nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology, non-nutritive sweeteners are widely used and seen as food additives. Non-nutritive sweeteners can be artificial or extract from the plant, such sweeteners typically include compounds such as saccharin, aspartame, cyclamate, and thaumatin.

When should sweeteners be used?

Since there are too many types of sweeteners in the world of food additives, in this passage we mainly talk about sugar-based sweeteners. Generally, there are four occasions where such sweeteners should be used, which are the occasion when food needs to enhance its flavor, the occasion when foods or drinks need to increase their solubility, the occasion when drinks need to increase their boiling point, and the occasion when food needs to have a crispy layer of caramelization. To put it in a more specific way, on the occasion of enhancing flavor, sugar in sweeteners is powerful and can mix and balance flavor components like seasonings. For example, adding a small amount of sugar to corn, carrots, and peas can produce products with better flavors. In the occasion of enhancing solubility, this kind of food additives have the ability to produce solutions with varying degrees of sweetness, this ability is especially important in producing beverages and confectionery. Another special ability of sugar-based sweeteners is that they can produce a supersaturated solution, which is then crystallized after cooling, which is the basis of rock sugar. The wonderful variety of candy comes from the ability of candy manufacturers to vary sugar concentration, temperature, and agitation to produce different crystal sizes and textures. On the occasion of boiling point increases. Sugar-based sweeteners have the effect of lowering the freezing point of the solution and increasing its boiling point. These are the important characteristics of preparing frozen desserts and candies respectively. The caramelization ability of sugar-based sweeteners is unique and important as well. One of the important products of sugar caramelization is the aromatic chemical substance diacetyl, which provides the distinct butter aroma of cultivated butter.

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