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What is a good nitrogen fertilizer?

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If you ask me what kind of fertilizer could provide the most nitrogen element, then the answer must be nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer is a kind of agrochemical that only contains nitrogen as an active ingredient. The nitrogen content of nitrogen fertilizer is the biggest among all types of fertilizers. It often uses urea and ammonium sulfate as its main content. So, what exactly is a good nitrogen fertilizer? Let me introduce that to you in the following contents.

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l  What is a nitrogen fertilizer?

l  What makes a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer?

What is nitrogen fertilizer?

Nitrogen fertilizer is a kind of agrochemical, the most important feature of it is that it only contains nitrogen as its active ingredient. This type of fertilizer agrochemical often uses urea and ammonium sulfate as their main content, such fact makes it the type of agrochemical that provides the most nitrogen content. Factories that make nitrogen fertilizers often include the production of synthetic ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, and urea in their manufacturing of nitrogen fertilizer.

Another point of nitrogen fertilizer is that it can only provide nitrogen in one of two forms: ammonium nitrogen or nitrate nitrogen. Since ammonium nitrogen has a positive charge, soil particles can absorb it. Warm soil temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit will convert ammonium nitrogen into nitrate within one month of application. Because nitrate does not adsorb on the soil particles and is easily leached from the soil: Leaching of the nitrate refers to the washing of nutrients into the depths of the soil with water until the roots of the plant can no longer absorb them. This makes certain plants need to be reapplied with nitrogen fertilizers at different times of the year, which could be a little bit bothering.

What makes a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer?

There are multiple types of nitrogen fertilizers, and what high-quality means to different types are different. Usually, for the dry granular nitrogen fertilizers, which lawn and garden often use, there are two types of them. The first one is immediate-release nitrogen fertilizer, which is also called water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer. It can immediately provide nitrogen to plants especially those with insufficient nitrogen supply. This kind of agrochemical usually lasts three to four weeks, depending on temperature and rainfall. What high-quality means to this kind of agrochemical is the quickness and effectiveness of the release of the nitrogen elements in it. Usually, a high-quality immediate-release nitrogen fertilizer would release at least 60 percent of its nitrogen elements within 2 weeks, and at least 90 percent of all its nitrogen elements within 4 weeks. Another type of dry granular nitrogen fertilizer is slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, which is also called water-insoluble nitrogen fertilizer. For sulfur-coated varieties, it can be used for approximately 8 weeks, and polymer-coated varieties can be used for approximately 12 weeks. Estimated time may vary depending on rainfall. For this kind of agrochemical, high-quality means that the time period it can last for is assured and the release of nitrogen content is even and stable so that they can make the growth more even and the reapplying plan of it could be made without worrying about putting too much fertilizer into the soil.

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