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the nutritions of feed additives

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The main reason why feed additives are used so often in farm industries nowadays is that they are equipped with a great variety of nutrition. These special nutritions not only help to give animals the health they want but also help to maximize the nutrition of feedstuff for animals, thereby better the production efficiency in farm industries. So, what exactly are the types of nutrition in feed additives? Let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


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Why are feed additives needed to provide extra nutrition?

What are the special nutritions that could be provided by feed additives?


Why are feed additives needed to provide extra nutrition?

It has been known for a long time that general raw feed composed of basic raw materials such as soybeans, corn and fat does not contain all the necessary nutrients, which makes the feed insufficient for the animal to obtain the best performance. Another fact is that problems such as low digestibility, microbial contamination, and tarnished color can be fixed by adding ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids are added to livestock feed. These two facts above are just two normal examples where feed additives are useful and helpful. To speak in a sum way, feed additives are the key to help animals to get complete nutrition and therefore have a healthier body condition. Since the relationship between the health of humans and the health of animals is very close, helping animals to become the best of themselves is helpful for humans as well.

What are the special nutritions that could be provided by feed additives?

After making the role and importance of feed additives clear, I guess you must be wondering what types of nutrition exactly can feed additives provide. Well, this question is not hard to answer. Special nutritions of feed additives could be listed as follows: The first type is amino acids. Farmers are now encouraged to add amino acids to feed or cattle, pigs, or poultry livestock to improve the utilization of animal protein and contribute to environmental protection. In addition to the protein supply, the main advantage of these ingredients is that they can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to soybean feed. A study found that adding an amino acid mixture to animal feed instead of supplementing soybeans reduced the greenhouse effect in poultry farming by 27 times, while for the pig industry, it reduced it by 13 times. The second one is antioxidants. Like other dietary additives, antioxidants have also become key products because they help improve the health and survival of animals as well as their reproductive performance. Essentially, antioxidants can be added to animal feed to prevent oxidation of the feed and ultimately improve the stability and shelf life of the meat. The third one is enzymes. Animal feed supplemented with enzymes can help naturally improve the quality of animal food while also increasing yields. Enzymes increase the efficiency of raw material digestion and depending on which enzyme is added, they have advantages such as reduced dietary costs and reduced energy requirement due to better digestion. It is said that corn-soybean feed can only be digested to 85%, and the rest of these expensive raw materials become unusable. Therefore, enzymes are important to ensure that the maximum nutritional value is delivered to animals, especially young animals. The fourth one and the most obvious ones are vitamins and minerals. To improve the growth, maintenance, and milk production of livestock, vitamins and minerals are considered essential in the diets of cattle, goats, and sheep. Since the natural grazing food of these animals does not always contain an important balance of these nutrients. Also, the lack of certain vitamins will reduce the life expectancy and productivity of animals due to problems such as bone deformation. Therefore, adding vitamins and minerals is essentially helpful for the growth and healthy of animals.


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