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introduction to food additives

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Nowadays, food additives can be seen in nearly all kinds of food in supermarkets. Generally speaking, substances added to food to maintain or improve the safety, freshness, taste, texture, or appearance of food are called food additives. Some food additives have been used for hundreds of years for the preservation of food or drink, such as salt, sugar, or sulfur dioxide. So, what exactly are food additives in the modern industry?


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What are food additives used for?

What are food additives made from?


What are food additives used for?

Over time, many different food additives have been developed to meet the needs of food production, because the large-scale production of food is very different from the small-scale production of food at home. Food manufactured in large-scale production usually needs to be stored for a long time before purchased and eaten by customers. Therefore, food additives are needed to ensure that processed foods remain safe and in good condition throughout the entire process from factories to consumers. Usually, food additives can be used in lots of situations, but they are only used when there do have a technical need that will not harm customers and make a difference in a good way. For example, food additives are added to maintain the nutritional quality of food or enhance the stability of food.


What are food additives made from?

Humans have been using food additives for thousands of years. From earth to laboratory, food additives can be derived from various resources, such as plants, animals, or minerals, or they can be synthetic. Usually, food additives are deliberately added to food to perform certain technical purposes that consumers usually take for granted. Thousands of food additives are used, all of which are dedicated to specific tasks that make food safer or more attractive. Most of the food additives are once extracted from natural plants or minerals, such as salt and sugar. Salt could be said to be the oldest food additive since the practice of preserving food with salt is an ancient human practice that dates back before written records. The pickles smoked salmon, and hams are all examples of foods preserved using salt. The reason why salt could be so effective in the preserving of food is that salt can dry food quickly, as you know all living things need water to survive including the bacteria that could lead to the contamination of food. Another reason for the effectiveness of salt in preserving food is that, salt can kill microbes, the high salt content is toxic to most microbes because of the effect of osmolarity, or you could call it water pressure. What is funny is that salt as a kind of additives is derived from minerals. Suger is a kind of food additive that looks just like salt and is used very often as well, however, is derived from plants.


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