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Why use feed additives?

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Why use feed additives?

feed additives are products used for animal nutrition and health. The overall purpose of using feed additives is to improve the quality of feed for animals and the quality of food from animals. In today's farm factories, manufacturing the feed of livestock is a complex task full of intersections of different disciplines. A carefully designed combination of feed and feed additives can really make a difference.

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l  feed additives are safe and beneficial for animals.

l  The health of livestock is linked with that of humans.

feed additives are safe and beneficial for animals.

Using feed additives can help livestock farmers to avoid common and sometimes serious livestock health risks such as weight loss, spontaneous abortion, infection, and diseases. The benefits of feed additives could be listed as follows: feed additives are medicated, some additives may contain antibiotics or other drugs, which can help livestock keepers reduce the chance of disease, illness, and infection in livestock, thereby saving the cost of medical treatment for animals. Some special medicine content in feed additives can also help livestock to grow and gain weight. feed additives are rich in minerals. Minerals play a pivotal role in the health of livestock, which can improve weaning and conception rates, immune system response, and overall health. The supply of high-quality protein in feed additives is another benefit of feed additives. Protein additives are particularly popular in the cattle and beef industry. Livestock breeders can use protein in many different forms. Even though it is not always necessary to add protein to the diet of livestock, the measured protein additives after a proper test and measure about protein intake levels of livestock could help a lot. The fourth benefit of using feed additives is that it helps to eliminate pests. Pests have always been a nuisance to livestock farmers. They are hardy, reproduce fast, and can spread throughout the feed within a few days. Some additives can help stop the life cycle of certain pests by eliminating favorable breeding conditions. The final benefit of feed additives is that they help to improve the nutrient intake of livestock. Healthy livestock should consume nutrients that promote growth, reproduction, and quality every day. A specially designed combination of feed and additives can effectively improve the nutrient intake level of livestock. With all these benefits add up together, using feed additives could be a quite valuable investment in animal husbandry.

The health of livestock is linked with that of humans.

As it is known to all, there is a direct link between animal and human health. The food consumed by livestock has a major impact on the quality of its meat and the by-products of it. All livestock need a certain amount of water, minerals, vitamins, and protein to maintain basic health requirements and fuel growth. feed additives are a safe and healthy method that can increase the nutritional intake of livestock, thereby improving the health of livestock and the amount of meat that could be provided by livestock.

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