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When to use water treatment chemicals?

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Water is the basic resource that guarantees the life of all living things on the earth. Access to sanitary water is a basic right for humans. However, billions of people around the world are struggling with the enormous difficulty of accessing Hygeian water every day. For this reason, scientists have put their effort into developing new methods to purify water, that is why water treatment chemicals are invented. So, when is the right time in the water treatment process to use water treatment chemicals? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.

Here is the content list:

l What are the processes of water treatment?

l Which process and when should water treatment chemicals be used?

What are the processes of water treatment?

Before we heading to discuss which process level and when should water treatment chemicals be used, I think we should first be clear about what water treatment is and what its processes are. Generally speaking, water treatment is a broad term that covers a variety of technologies and processes applied to water sources. The definition of water treatment is: "any process that makes the water more suitable for a specific end-use". This means that water treatment can cover a wide range of applications, including drinking water, industrial water, and ultrapure water for semiconductor and pharmaceutical purposes. Basically, for the treatment of water for domestic use, there are five steps: First, sedimentation, which is the use of gravity to remove solid particles from water. Second, disinfection, this process kills bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances in the water and filtrates them from the water. The third step after the killing of harmful substances is filtration, which works by filtering water through sand or membrane filters. Next, there comes coagulation, this process encourages particles in water to come together and makes them easier to remove by precipitation. The final step is boiling and distillation, this process works by heating water to boiling to kill microorganisms and pathogens, although this method cannot remove particles or chemical toxins. Due to the evaporation process, distillation is more efficient and the purity can reach up to 99%.

Which process and when should water treatment chemicals be used?

So, which of the five processes are the ones that need to add water treatment chemicals? The answer is the disinfection process and the coagulation process. In the disinfection process, water treatment chemicals such as chlorine are added at the beginning of it to kill bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances in the water. In the coagulation process, the time point where water treatment chemicals should be added is the same as that of the disinfection process. To put in a more specific way, water treatment chemicals such as aluminum sulfate, iron sulfate, and iron chloride are added to the water. These chemicals are called coagulants and have a positive charge. The positive charge of the coagulant neutralizes the negative charge of particles dissolved and suspended in the water. When this reaction occurs, the particles will stick together or coagulate. Since larger particles or flocs are heavy, the particles coagulated together will quickly settle to the bottom of the water supply, so that they could be sedimented and removed.

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