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What is a PAC agent?

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PAC agent is the name short for Polyaluminum chloride or aluminum chlorohydrate, it is a kind of water treatment chemical used as a coagulant in deodorants and water purification. In some cases, this compound is preferred over other aluminum salts because of its higher charge and it makes destabilization and removal of suspended solids more effective. So, what exactly are the features of these water treatment chemicals and what are the working principles of it? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.

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l  What are the features of a PAC agent?

l  What are the applications of PAC agents?

What are the features of a PAC agent?

PAC agents are a kind of wonderful water treatment chemicals for flocculation, this is mainly because of the special features it. For example, using PAC as a flocculant, the formation and settling speed of flocs is very fast and the formed flocs are very easy to filter. Compared with aluminum sulfate flocculant, the water quality treated by PAC is better. The total cost is reduced by 15% to 30%, and the solubility is better. Also, this kind of water treatment chemical can be used in water with a wide pH range. Effective flocculation function of it can be realized in water range from pH 5 to pH 9. Another feature of PAC agents is that it is suitable for higher temperature water and has functions in low-temperature water as well. Compared with inorganic flocculants, this magical water treatment chemical reduces less alkalinity in water, so no or no alkalizing agent is needed for the further treatment of water. The PAC-treated water also contains less salt, which is very beneficial for high-purity water purification and ion exchange treatment. Last but not least, this kind of water treatment chemical is less corrosive and easy to transfer, handle and operate.

What are the applications of PAC agents?

Just like many other kinds of flocculants, PAC is a kind of water treatment chemical is used mainly for the processing and treating of the solution, wastewater, and raw water. Specified application of it could be listed as follows: Frist, PAC could be applied to purify drinking water and to decontaminate domestic sewage. Second, PACs are also used in the processing and decontaminating of various kinds of industrial water, such as industrial wastewater, mine and oil field injection water, and chemical wastewater in papermaking, metallurgy, coal washing, and leather industries. Apart from making wastewater recyclable, this magical water treatment chemical can be also used to produce paper glue, concrete hardener, precision casting hardener, glycerine refinement, anti-wrinkle properties for fabrics, medicines, and cosmetics. Last but not least, PAC agents are also used in oil-water separation and it has great usage in the oil refining industry.

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