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What are natural feed additives?

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In the past few decades, as the use of synthetic feed additives has become more and more widespread, more and more concerns have been raised about its safety. These feed additives are artificially synthesized, and in some cases, they could contain by-products that may adversely affect animal health. Moreover, some of these production methods are very demanding and have a great impact on the environment. Therefore natural feed additives are gaining more popularity among farmers who aim to produce healthy and organic crops and vegetables for people. So, what are natural feed additives exactly? Let me introduce them to you in the following contents.

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l Why do we need natural feed additives?

l What are the types of natural feed additives?

Why do we need natural feed additives?

The new regulations concerning feed additives in various countries in Europe and Asia have prompted many new types of feed additives to appear in nutritional technology, and it also prompted the remodeling of old additives for new applications. One of the most important parts of renewal feed additives in animal nutrition is the natural feed additives, which are a kind of additives mainly made up of plant extracts. However, the key reason why natural feed additives appeared and gain their popularity is not the enactment of the new laws, but the awareness of people. People nowadays are paying more and more attention to the health of themselves and the quality of their food. A natural lifestyle has been followed by countless people from various countries. The old types of feed additives are labeled as synthesized by big machines in big chemical plants, such fact gives people a notion that these old types of synthesized feed additives are not safe enough and not organic, therefore not good for their health. However, a natural way to produce feed and feed additives could be the measure to fix the problems of the non-organic issue.

What are the types of natural feed additives?

Both essential oils and non-aromatic plant extracts are used in the manufacturing of natural feed additives. Many papers have been published on the use of natural feed additives in animal nutrition and health in the past decades. A review of these researches can summarize the most important kinds of natural feed additives that are used in the farming industry. Which are the tea polyphenols, sweet chestnut, and grape skins, and seeds. Tea polyphenols are a mixture of phenolic compounds found in the tea plant. This kind of polyphenol is considered to be effective antioxidants that can remove cytotoxic ROS and protect normal cells. Tea polyphenols have also been shown to reduce liver lipids and abdominal fat mass due to the enhanced activity of AMP activation. Sweet chestnuts are another kind of natural feed additive. The effects of sweet chestnuts concerning several aspects of animal feeding have been reported. Experiments conducted with commercially available sweet chestnut extracts showed that the performance of chickens was improved with low and medium doses of such extract, especially in the first stage of rearing. Sweet chestnut tannins have high inhibitory activity against Clostridium perfringens. Grape skins and seeds are the third most important kind of natural feed additives, they are rich sources of flavonoids. Studies have shown that flavonoids of grape skins and seeds act as powerful antioxidants by scavenging free radicals and terminating oxidation reactions. Grape polyphenols inside grape skins and seeds can constitute a new source of poultry antioxidants, thereby reducing lipid oxidation in meat. The application of grape seed polyphenols to chickens leads to an increase in microbial diversity in several parts of the intestinal tract. Grape polyphenols increase the body weight and growth efficiency of chronic heat-stressed animals and reduce the gene expression of heat shock proteins, which indicates that polyphenols have beneficial effects on animals raised in hot climates as well.

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