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Natural Lactase

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Lactase, also known as β-galactosidase (CAS No. 9031-11-2, EC, is derived from a strain of Aspergillus oryzae through fermentation, extraction, and purification processes. Lactase exhibits exceptionally high activity under low pH conditions. It is utilized as a digestive aid in dietary supplements and dairy processing industries.


Product Characteristics
Temperature Range: The effective temperature range is 20°C to 70°C, with the optimal temperature range being between 40°C to 60°C.
pH Range: The effective pH range is from 2.0 to 7.5, with the optimal pH range being between 4.0 to 5.5.
1. Lactase is an important digestive enzyme in the human body. Direct addition of lactase to dairy products can address lactose intolerance issues.
2. Used in the processing of yogurt to produce lactose-free yogurt.
3. Addition of lactase during fermentation can hydrolyze lactose in whey into monosaccharides that can be utilized by brewing yeast. The dosage of lactase used each time depends on the lactose content in the diet. Typically, for consuming 10g to 13g of lactose, supplementation of 2500U of lactase is recommended. We suggest supplementing 0.04g to 0.06g of lactase (100,000U/g) per lactose-containing meal.
4. Adding lactase to animal feed (β-galactosidase) can reduce the likelihood of lactose intolerance in animals. The addition amount varies depending on the lactose content in the animal feed.
Packaging and storage
The solid product is packaged in cardboard boxes or paper drums, and various specifications can be provided according to customer requirements. This product is a biologically active substance, and high temperatures, strong acids, and alkalis can cause enzyme inactivation. Therefore, during transportation and storage, exposure to direct sunlight and rain should be avoided. Warehouses should be kept clean, cool, and dry.


Lactase Application

Lactase enzyme is used as a food additive to hydrolyze lactose, a disaccharide found in dairy products, into its constituent monosaccharides, glucose, and galactose. This enzymatic process helps to reduce the lactose content in food products, making them suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance. Lactase enzyme is commonly used in the production of lactose-free dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, and ice cream, as well as in the formulation of various baked goods and beverages to improve their digestibility for lactose-intolerant consumers.

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