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Jingle All the Way | Spreading Joy at Year-End

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Jingle All the Way | Spreading Joy at Year-End

         Wishing everyone peace and welcoming Christmas with a happy song. Jingle! Jingle! The Christmas bells are ringing, and Santa is here to celebrate with friends!

At Sunway's Christmas party, we started with the cheerful tune of "Jingle Bells" to bring the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas Christmas vibes everywhere

Sunway team prepared the Christmas venue early, decorating it with colorful ribbons, dressing up the Christmas tree, and wearing cute Christmas hats. We're all set for a fantastic Christmas party. 吃的

During the fun games, SUNWAY "Andy Lau" sang "Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies," bringing cheers. We continued with performances like "Luxury Lady," a duet dance called "Subject Three," and a trio singing "Norwegian Wood." The music got everyone in the festive mood, and we couldn't help but join in the fun.


Towards the end of the Christmas party, the host announced delicious food and a gift exchange. Excitedly, we gathered around the table, some digging into the treats, and others choosing gifts from stockings or sharing apples. Finally, we wrote our wishes for the next year on cards and hung them on the Christmas tree, hoping they all come true.


In this joyful atmosphere, the Xinwei family came together to celebrate, creating memories that will stay with us long after the Christmas songs have faded away.

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