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Is fertilizer toxic?

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Plant fertilizer is also known as plant food, it is an agrochemical that is usually used for plants in the farm or garden to help plants stay healthy and makes them grow faster. However, is it totally safe to use plant fertilizer? The answer is no. Fertilizers are a kind of agrochemical with mild toxicity. It may cause harm to people and pets through physical contact, inhalation, or accidental ingestion. Even though fertilizers are mostly safe to use on plants, it does not mean you should not be cautious when handling and storing this kind of agrochemical.

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l Why is fertilizer toxic?

l What would happen if you are poisoned by fertilizers?

l What should you do if you are poisoned by fertilizers?

Why is fertilizer toxic?

Fertilizers are mostly made up of nitrate, which is a form of nitrogen that plants can easily absorb. Since the growth of plants depends essentially on nitrogen, nitrate is a wonderful choice for the manufacturing of fertilizer. However, if the nitrogen content in humans is high, it can be very dangerous. In our body, nitrate reduces the ability of red blood cells to carry and transport oxygen. Therefore, the reason why a fertilizer can be toxic to humans is because of the existence of nitrate in it. In other words, nitrate is the ingredient that causes poisoning. This kind of agrochemical may poison people and pets if inhaled or accidentally ingested. Touching fertilizers may cause skin irritation as well.

What would happen if you are poisoned by fertilizers?

Symptoms are different if you are poisoned by fertilizers differently. If there is physical contact with plant fertilizers, the symptoms such as skin redness, burning skin, itchy skin, burns to the nose, eyes, or throat may occur. If you ingest plant fertilizers, you may experience the following symptoms: Body parts turn blue due to lack of oxygen, dizziness, faintness, low blood pressure, seizures, shortness of breath, upset stomach, or stomach pain.

What should you do if you are poisoned by fertilizers?

If you think you have been poisoned by fertilizer agrochemicals, you should call the medical help hotline immediately and try to seek medical suggestions for immediate treatment. You should also seek medical help as well, call an ambulance if necessary, when the paramedics arrive, be prepared to tell them about what kind of fertilizer have you been exposed to, whether it has been inhaled, ingested, or touched, how big amounts have you been exposed to, When did you contact it. There is still something you could do for help before the ambulance come. Get fresh air immediately, if you inhale plant foods. If you get fertilizers onto your eyes or skin, rinse your eyes or skin thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes. If you ingest this agrochemical, do not induce vomiting unless the medical help hotline center tells you. You should drink water or milk first unless they advise against it. If you want to vomit, do not drink anything, as this may cause suffocation or drowning. You could follow the same guidelines If you are providing care for a victim who is vomiting or unconscious.

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