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How to choose feed additives?

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Nowadays, feed additives are playing an increasingly important role in animal nutrition, as farmers are looking for new ways to improve animal health and customers are paying more and more attention to the quality of the food they eat. feed additives have lots of functions in addition to increase nutritional value and physical quality, such as extending the shelf life of products. So, how to choose feed additives exactly? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


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What are the things you should first consider before making your decision?

Should you choose a medicated feed additives?


What are the things you should first consider before making your decision?

Before making every decision, multiple things are needed to be considered, this fact works the same with buying your feed additives. Generally speaking, there are four things you should consider. First, what will your customers think about it? As a man doing business, your first idea should always be your customer. What do they think of the additives you use? You should be clear of the product you choose, knowing what is the working principle of it, what the outcome it will bring, and what it may convey to the customers. The second thing you should take into consideration is: Are there regulations? If you produce meat for commercial purposes in both domestic and overseas markets, then you need to comply with laws from both your own country and other countries. Always remember to keep to the latest rules to ensure that the additives used are acceptable. The third thing you should consider is: What kind of livestock do you use it for? Because the nutritional requirements of poultry are different from those of beef, not all additives are the same throughout the farm and special adjustments are required for different kinds of livestock. The final thing you should consider is: Do you want to use natural products or artificial products? You can choose from a variety of options, from the earth to the laboratory. So, you need to pay enough attention to every kind of feed additives.


Should you choose a medicated feed additives?

Using whether medicated or non-medicated feed additives in livestock feeding is a hard decision to make for farmers. Many farming factory operators have been working hard to determine how to protect the health of your livestock, and the solutions are various and are not quite uniform. Drug resistance in livestock due to the overuse of antibiotics has been steadily increasing, which has attracted increasing attention from the agricultural community. The growth of antimicrobial resistance is alarming and has been marked by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the greatest threats to global health. Also, more and more people nowadays all want their food made from an organic resource that has not been medicated. It seems that medicated feed additives are just not so welcome by todays customers. However, medicated feed additives can save the cost of farmers to a great extent. Since the loss of livestock due to disease and the cost of treatment for livestock could be huge, while the cost of using medicated feed additives are quite cheap. So, this is a really hard decision to make. For those large and modern farms, I recommend choosing to not use medicated feed additives, since the hygiene and management of such farm factories are quite effective to eliminate the possibility of pandemics breaking out among livestock. But for farms without a high level of hygiene and management, using medicated feed additives could be a good choice, since a higher possibility of pandemics happening exists here, which could even lead to the breakout of the whole farm.


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