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How often do you use fertilizer?

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Plant fertilizer is a kind of agrochemical that is usually used for plants in the farm or garden to help plants stay healthy and makes them grow faster. But, how often should you fertilize your plants or crops? This is a rigorous question and needs careful attention since applying too many fertilizers could be harmful to plants and pollute the water resource, and too few fertilizers are just not effective enough. So, how exactly should you use fertilizers? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


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l What is the best time to fertilize your plants?

l How often should you fertilize your plants?

What is the best time to fertilize your plants?

The best time to apply fertilizers is when your plants start to grow and produce buds. In this period you can scratch a small amount of organic fertilizer into the soil to give your plants a boost. Another good time to fertilize your plants is when they try to produce fruit or blooms because this is the time when we’re asking a plant to do extra-intensive work-setting and maturing fruit or flowers. This is especially true with summer-maturing crops since the tremendous heat can help them to absorb fertilizers and other nutrients even faster. But, remember to avoid adding too much fertilizer, especially if this kind of agrochemical is heavy in nitrogen because that can produce large amounts of foliage but little fruit or flowers. Overfeeding tomatoes is a common example of this type of problem; gardeners end up with huge green plants that put all their energy into growing leaves and never produce fruit.


How often should you fertilize your plants?

Different kinds of plants need different fertilizing frequencies. For example, for your container plants, you should fertilize them about twice a week. For your indoor plants, you should fertilize them once a week. For those plants or crops in the garden, you should use the fertilizer agrochemicals every two to three weeks. For those big landscape plants, you should fertilize them once a month. When applying the fertilizers, remember that the liquid fertilizer cannot replace the addition of compost and granular organic nutrients to the soil, it is needed to make a good combination of different kinds of fertilizer agrochemicals. During the growing season, your plants would often grow at a tremendous speed, but at the same time they need to be feed in a larger amount as well and they need it more frequently. This is the time that you could add more liquid fertilizer in the combination of your fertilizer agrochemicals since liquid fertilizer is immediately available for plants and provides a quick solution for the low nutrients in the soil.


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