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Exhibition Review | Perfect Conclusion of Algeria DJAZAGRO on June 5-8, 2023

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SUNWAY Group attended DJAZAGRO on June 5-8, 2023

Let's review the splendid moments of SUNWAY Xinwei during the exhibition!


Our exhibition receptionists Laura (left) and Ann (right) 


Before the exhibition, preparations included booth design, exhibit preparation, design and printing of promotional materials, staffing, pre-show promotion, logistics arrangements, and confirmation of personnel schedules to ensure the smooth running of the exhibition. 


Our exhibition location: AL037

During the exhibition, the company set up a dedicated area, and receptionists in front of the booth warmly introduced the company's products and services to customers. The company scheduled meetings with customers to discuss cooperation opportunities, contract details, or other business matters. During the communication with customers, company representatives actively collected business cards from customers and provided promotional materials or business cards.

DJAZAGRO has successfully concluded!

Once again, thanks to all partners for visiting.

Let's meet again next time!"

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