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Discover Delicious Delights At Dubai Gulfood Exhibition

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Discover Delicious Delights At Dubai Gulfood Exhibition

Time: November 07-November 09, 2023

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates

BoothNo.: A9-39


About us

Founded in 2014, Sunway Group is a one-stop solution provider of food additives with a number of industry qualifications and packaging design patents. It owns two independent brands, namely SUNWAY and YDAWAY. The company has been committed to providing green raw materials for the global food industry, with the aim of providing healthy and green raw materials and industry solutions. The company has a professional R&D and sales team, strict production technology and perfect service system.

Sunway Group has been focusing on providing healthy and green food raw materials and industry solutions for 10 years. The company participates in 10 international exhibitions every year to display products and technologies, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises in 100 countries. The company has many qualification certificates such as HALAL, FDA, KOSHER, SGS, ISO, and has its own warehouse of 5000 square meters.

Exhibition introduction

Dubai Gulfood Manufacturing is the largest and most important food processing industry event in the Middle East. The exhibition area is 52,000 square meters, with 31,000 exhibitors and 1,450 brands. The participating countries include United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, France, the United States and China.

Scope of exhibits

Ingredients: amino acids, antioxidants, baking ingredients, Bifidobacterium beneficial algae, algae, bioactive elements, blood products, bulking agents, integrator products, color additives, culture starters & fermentation starters, dairy ingredients, dietary supplements, flour blending ingredients, cakes, emulsifiers, packaging ingredients, enzyme preparations, essential oils, fat substitutes, fats and accelerators, fruit products, extracts, etc. Colloid-stabilizer, isoflavone, lactobacillus, leavening agent, capsicum essence, organic raw materials, microbiological detection and identification, nut products, nutrients, plant polyphenols, plant extracts, protobacteria-lactobacillus, etc.

We not only provide food raw materials, but also provide you with comprehensive technical solutions for the food industry. Welcome to visit our Booth at A9-39.

Sunway Group is a comprehensive group company dedicated to the manufacturing, R&D and sales of agrochemicals, food additives, feed additives, water treatment chemicals, pet food, etc.
Food ingredients and additives
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