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Coconutt Diethanol Amide CDEA

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Cocamide DEA / CDEA is a kind of nonionic surfactant, it is soluble in water with low irritation. It performs good in thickening, foaming stabilization, penetrating, wetting, cleaning, and it is compatible with many anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants.

Coconutt Diethanol Amide CDEACoconutt Diethanol Amide CDEA


Product Name
Yellow viscous liquid
Cosmetic Grade
Storage conditions
Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.


Cocamide DEA (CDEA) is a compound with various applications in daily chemical products due to its unique properties. It is derived from coconut oil and diethanolamine, making it a versatile ingredient in many personal care and household products.

CDEA is commonly used as a foaming agent and viscosity enhancer in shampoos, bubble baths, and liquid soaps. Its ability to produce a rich and stable lather makes it a popular choice for creating a pleasurable and luxurious washing experience. Additionally, it helps to thicken the consistency of these products, improving their texture and feel.

In skincare products, CDEA acts as an emulsifying agent, allowing the oil and water components to mix together. This assists in creating stable and homogenous formulations for products such as creams, lotions, and moisturizers. Its emollient properties also contribute to the hydration and softening of the skin.

Furthermore, CDEA finds use in household cleaners and laundry detergents. Its surfactant properties help in removing dirt, grease, and stains from various surfaces and fabrics. Additionally, it aids in the dispersion and suspension of particles, enhancing the cleaning efficiency of these products.

Due to its mild nature, CDEA is considered safe for use in personal care products. However, it is important to note that excessive use or prolonged exposure to high concentrations of CDEA may potentially cause skin or eye irritation.
In summary, Cocamide DEA (CDEA) plays a vital role in daily chemical products, serving as a foaming agent, viscosity enhancer, emulsifier, and surfactant. Its versatility and compatibility make it a valuable ingredient in a wide range of personal care and household formulations.

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