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Benefits of microelement fertilizer

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Apart from the three main elements that are needed by the growth of plants, microelements such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, and cobalt are also essential nutrients that play a role in the formation of plants. To give your plants enough supply of these elements. Microelement fertilizers can be a good choice. So, what exactly are the benefits of this kind of agrochemical? Let me introduce them to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

l Why are microelements important for plants?

l What are the benefits of microelement fertilizer?


Why are microelements important for plants?

Each kind of microelement would participate in the growth of a variety of plants. The insufficiency of microelements may limit the key functions of the plant, resulting in abnormal plants, slower growth, and lower yields. This is still true even though plants only require a relatively small amount of microelements. For example, chlorine plays a key role in stoma regulation, oxygen released during photosynthesis, and disease resistance and tolerance. Iron is a component of several enzymes, helps reduce nitrate and produces energy, and is essential for the formation of chlorophyll. Manganese is important in photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation. Zinc is a key component of many enzymes and proteins and plays an important role in the production of growth hormones. Copper is necessary for the activation of certain enzymes, photosynthesis, and respiration, and helps the metabolism of plant carbohydrates and proteins. Boron is essential for cell division, reproductive growth, and seed development. Molybdenum is an important part of the enzymes required for nitrogen metabolism and plant amino acid synthesis. Therefore, it is hard to say that a plant can grow healthily without the help of microelements.

What are the benefits of microelement fertilizer?

Microelement fertilizer is a kind of agrochemical that is used very often in gardens and farms to apply microelements and micronutrients, especially iron and manganese, too many crops. Usually, tests need to be made before applying the microelement fertilizer. This kind of test can be performed with one or more microelements to diagnose suspected microelement deficiencies. Tissue sampling is the most common method to determine nutritional deficiencies during the growing season. After the test, microelement fertilizer could be used to cure the deficiency symptoms of the sample plant within a few days. After that, the entire field can be sprayed with the microelement fertilizer. Advantages of microelement fertilizer are various, for example, The application rate needed by the microelement fertilizer is much lower than the application rate of normal fertilizers, so there is no need to worry about the hurry-scurry situation. The microelement fertilizer is an agrochemical that is easy to obtain a uniform application. The response of plants to the applied nutrients and elements is almost instant, so the deficiency can be corrected by this agrochemical even during the growing season.



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