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Are nutrient water treatment chemicals effective?

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Many people would be puzzled by the name of nutrient water treatment chemicals. Is it a kind of chemical that can provide water with more nutrients? Is it a kind of water treatment chemical that is used for the removal of extra nutrients inside of water? Well, the right one is the latter one. So, are nutrient water treatment chemicals really effective? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


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Why is there a need to use nutrient water treatment chemicals?

How are nutrient water treatment chemicals used in water treatment?


Why is there a need to use nutrient water treatment chemicals?

The need of using water treatment chemicals to remove nutrients inside water rise from the adverse effects of the wastewater and polluted water. In 1980, the practice of reusing water many times gained its popularity in the USA. At that time, it was estimated that the amount of water that is reused and recycled is almost equal to the amount of all the water that has been used. As water reuse becomes more common, the reported problem of over-fertilizing nutrients due to nitrogen and phosphorus compounds continue to worsen. Since then, people are increasingly aware of the problems related to nutrients in wastewater, many experiments and pilot studies have been conducted on various advanced or improved water treatment processes, which can be used to remove or treat this excess amount of nutrients. This is also the time nutrient water treatment chemicals be invented and started to be used.


How are nutrient water treatment chemicals used in water treatment?

Generally speaking, there are three ways to remove nutrients in the water, which can be classified as a biological way, a chemical way, and a physical way. Even though there are considerable overlaps within the classifications, for example, the removal of ammonia by stripping can be considered to be both physical and chemical processes, the key processes in these three kinds of ways are very different. Another thing that needed to be mentioned is that all of the processes of the three ways can be used in conjunction with conventional water treatment processes. For biological processes, the key processes are algae stripping, anaerobic denitrification, and aerobic process modifications. In terms of chemical processes to purify extra nutrients, ammonia stripping is also a key process, other key processes of it are ion exchange, electrodialysis, chemical precipitation, sorption, electrochemical treatment, and oxidation. water treatment chemicals are especially used in the oxidation, ion exchange, and chemical precipitation process, where water treatment chemicals are added as a key source of power to run the whole process.


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