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Are feed additives necessary?

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Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to the naturalization and safety of the food they eat. In such a case, it may seem those feed additives are not natural enough to be accepted in the production of meat and other by-products of stock farming. However, indeed, feed additives are not necessary for the farming of livestock? Let me introduce that to you in the following contents.


Here is the content list:

l Why are additives needed to be added into the feed of livestock?

l What are the special functions that could be made by adding feed additives?

Why are additives needed to be added into the feed of livestock?

Before we moving to talk about what are the special functions of feed additives, I think we should first figure out the reasons commercial diets of livestock usually need feed additives. Actually, the reason for that is quite simple: Animals need to eat a nutritious diet to stay healthy and strong so that farms can achieve their best production. But feeds composed of only basic raw materials, such as corn as an energy source, soybean meal as protein and fat source, lack certain essential nutrients and are not sufficient for optimal performance of animals. Therefore, in addition to these raw materials, the feed should also contain supplements to provide minerals, vitamins, and specific amino acids. This is the part that is needed to be supplemented by feed additives. Other factors also make up the necessity of using feed additives, such as the appearance of the feed, microbial contamination, the presence of anti-nutritional factors, digestibility, palatability, and intestinal health, these factors also affect the nutritional quality of the feed. feed additives play a vital role in solving these problems as well.


What are the special functions that could be made by adding feed additives?

Besides the basic things that could be done by adding normal types of feed additives, specially designed feed additives can achieve many other special functions. For example, feed additives adding with digestible enzymes, xylanase, or protease can be added to the dietary feeds to fix anti-nutritional problems. Since anti-nutritional factors inside the diet can interfere with the utilization of nutrients. Some of such anti-nutritional factors will reduce the digestibility of protein, combined with nutrients in the diet, and destroy the intestinal wall of livestock. feed additives that can help with this are essential in the production. feed additives can help with the reduction of mold contamination and mycotoxins as well. The mold inhibitors inside feed additives such as organic acids of feed additives can be used to prevent mold growth. Many livestock feed additives contain mycotoxin binders, which could bind to mycotoxins and prevent mycotoxins from being absorbed through the intestines and entering the bloodstream.


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