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2023 Dubai GULFOOD MANUFACTURING Concludes with Great Success

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2023 Dubai GULFOOD MANUFACTURING Concludes with Great Success


Preparation before the exhibition


In the preparatory stage before the exhibition, SUNWAY partners carefully prepared exhibition posters, marketing brochures, business cards, product catalogs, samples and exhibition gifts, etc., to fully prepare for all aspects of the exhibition.

In addition to material preparations, we also planned promotional activities during the show, including product demonstrations, giveaways and interactions with potential customers. These activities not only laid a solid foundation for our exhibition, but also attracted widespread attention on the eve of the exhibition.

Our booth number:A9-39

Exhibition site

1211At the exhibition site, our booth attracted waves of visitors. SUNWAY partners actively interact with on-site customers and communicate with industry colleagues. The exquisite gifts and promotional activities we prepare for customers are well received by customers. This not only increased our visibility, but also created a stronger connection with potential customers.

The local customs of Dubai



Apart from the exhibition, we deeply experienced the unique charm of Dubai. We visited the Burj Khalifa and rode an off-road vehicle into the desert for an adventure game - an exciting sand rush. Finally, we rode a camel into the desert camp and enjoyed a rich Arabic dinner, unique Arabic music and an intoxicating belly dance performance.

12When it comes to Dubai, sweets are a part of the game. The variety of local sweets is mouthwatering. Layers of honey and frosting on the surface of various desserts look very attractive. Making these delicious desserts requires not only a lot of honey and syrup, but also rich butter and cream, as well as dates, raisins, almonds, pistachios and other ingredients. Some of the famous desserts such as Kunafeh, Cashew, Baklava, Bastini and Qatayef are even more memorable.

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