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Modern food needs additives

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A box of milk contains 10 kinds of food additives, and a pack of instant noodles contains 25 kinds of food additives. Today, food safety is getting more and more attention. From time to time, news of 

A box of milk contains 10 kinds of food additives, and a pack of instant noodles contains 25 kinds of food additives. Today, food safety is getting more and more attention. From time to time, news of additives harmful to health is passed into people's ears. "When eating snacks and drinks, I often see three words of preservatives, which always feel bad for health, but sometimes I want to eat something. This is really awkward." The mention of additives, the public Xiao Liu said. Is food additive so terrible? Food experts will answer you...

“Preservative-free” into a food selling point

Nowadays, many people pick up a small package of food or a bottle of beverage on the shelves of the supermarket. They will not look at the ingredients on the packaging. "There are a lot of additives in the beverage." Yesterday, a supermarket near Zhoushuizi Ms. Li, who bought drinks, told reporters that she often heard news about the harmful effects of food additives on the human body. When drinking beverages, she was worried about whether it would affect her health. For this reason, she also squeezed juice for a while at home, "but This pure juice tastes bad." Ms. Li said that she finally decided to regain her drink hobby.

As people pay more attention to food safety, from time to time, news that additives are harmful to health is passed into people's ears, making people “difficult to eat”. It is worth mentioning that some foods use “preservative-free” as a selling point. .

Is the preservative so terrible?

During the interview, Professor Shao Shaozhuang from the Food College of Dalian University of Technology talked to reporters about the problem of additives more than once. The professor said that without food additives, there would be no modernization of the food industry, and there would be no wide variety of foods. Food additives have played a significant role in the development of the food industry. At present, people have more discussion and the most influential are preservatives. Due to the technical requirements of taste, taste, vitamin preservation, etc., beverages cannot be sterilized by high temperature. If no preservative is added, the shelf life of the beverage will be affected first. Secondly, if some beverages are degraded, the virus will produce more harm than preservatives. The harm to the human body is much greater, so it is necessary to add preservatives to similar food products. Professor Nong also said that the name of the additive is not equal to the dose exceeding the standard. Everything has a degree. If it is used in excess of the scope and excessive use of food additives, it may cause harm to the human body. For example, if you drink a lot of bottles of preservative-containing beverages for a certain period of time, it may cause preservatives to exceed the standard.

Many people in the food industry have said that food additives are not so terrible. Any preservatives that are approved by the state, there is no need to worry about safety in terms of the scope of additives and the amount of additives.

According to relevant information, the main role of preservatives in food is to inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, to prevent bacteria and mold from producing toxins in food, or to cause disease by mass reproduction. From this point of view, they are more than enough.

The main role of preservatives in food is to inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria. The name of the additive is not equal to the dose exceeding the standard. All the preservatives approved by the state, under the scope of the permitted addition and the amount of additives, do not need to worry about the safety.

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