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Polyurethane industry promotes new CO2 foaming equipment

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Recently, the third phase of the polyurethane foaming EHSQ training course organized by the China Polyurethane Industry Association Training Center was commissioned by the Global Isocyanate Associatio

Recently, the third phase of the polyurethane foaming EHSQ training course organized by the China Polyurethane Industry Association Training Center was commissioned by the Global Isocyanate Association to start in Shaoxing Huachuang Polyurethane Co., Ltd. The equipment used in this training is the supercritical CO2 auxiliary high pressure foaming equipment developed by Shaoxing Huachuang. The equipment can produce an environmentally friendly alternative to polyurethane foam ODS, which has been unanimously recognized by field experts.

According to Xiang Minghua, general manager of Shaoxing Huachuang, the equipment technology was developed by Nanjing Forestry University. In September 2016, the preliminary development of supercritical CO2 auxiliary foaming polyurethane spray high pressure foaming machine was completed. This technical equipment combines the CO2 metering and conveying device (check valve) for the first time, optimizes the design of supercritical CO2 assisted full-water foaming rigid foam coating formulation, and solves the series of problems such as viscosity and CO2 compatibility of the composite system. Since March 2017, it has been applied in many construction sites and cold storages, and has been well received by users.

The appraisal opinion issued by the appraisal committee headed by Chen Jianfeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, shows that the project has developed a new rigid polyurethane foam spraying equipment system, screening and developing polyether components and optimized formulas matched with the equipment. It realizes the on-site application of supercritical CO2 assisted water foaming and spraying rigid polyurethane foam. The equipment is the first in China and the whole has reached the international advanced level. It is recommended to further accelerate the large-scale production of equipment and the promotion and application of domestic and foreign markets.

According to Xiang Minghua, the equipment has the characteristics of low cost, good performance and convenient use. It has obtained 4 Chinese invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 1 international PCT patent and US patent have been publicized, and 2 enterprise standards have been formulated.

With the recent environmental protection department and the special action of ODS enforcement, the price of various foaming agents such as HCFC-141b has risen steadily, and Shaoxing Huachuang's new polyurethane foaming equipment market is selling well. Xiang Minghua expects that the company can achieve sales income of 200 million yuan with an annual production and sales of 1,000 sets. At present, enterprises are seeking investment cooperation companies to jointly accelerate the promotion of this new technology equipment.