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In the first half of the year, the price of toluene fell all the way.

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From April 14th, the price of toluene fell all the way. From April 14th to July 12th, the price of P sample in toluene samples fell from 5,780 yuan / ton to 5010 yuan / ton, a total drop of 770 yuan /

From April 14th, the price of toluene fell all the way. From April 14th to July 12th, the price of P sample in toluene samples fell from 5,780 yuan / ton to 5010 yuan / ton, a total drop of 770 yuan / ton, a decrease of 12.39 %. Up to now, the toluene market in East China has been negotiated at around 4,980 yuan/ton, the toluene market in South China has been negotiated at around 5,200-5,250 yuan/ton, and the toluene market in the Beijing-Tianjin-wing region has been negotiated at around 4,050-5,150 yuan/ton.

The weak decline in the toluene market is inextricably linked to the long-term environmental supervision policy. Under the influence of environmental supervision throughout the country, some downstream factories such as medicines and pesticides stopped working and watched, and large-scale enterprise operating rates were affected. With the arrival of the hot season, some downstream plant installations were shut down. Under the influence of two major factors, the operating rate of downstream enterprises in the terminal has been restricted to a certain extent, resulting in a decrease in the demand for toluene market.

The price fluctuations of international crude oil are also a major factor affecting the market price of toluene. As the source of the aromatics chemical market, international crude oil has a relatively large impact on the market price of toluene. From mid-April to early May, the international crude oil price showed a continuous downward trend as a whole, which was a shock to the toluene market. During the same period, the toluene market price showed a downward trend as a whole. From the beginning of May to the beginning of July, international crude oil prices fluctuated frequently. On the whole, international crude oil prices were concentrated at a low level. Due to fluctuations in international crude oil prices, the market price of toluene fluctuated within a narrow range during the same period, and there was no small increase in momentum. However, the downstream plant of toluene has a low operating rate, low demand, and the toluene price is hindered, and the overall trend is declining.

From the supply side, in the first half of the year, toluene stocks in East China were in a gradual upward trend. So far, toluene stocks in East China are still at a high level. The toluene price in South China is stable and the market supply is sufficient.

From the demand side, strict environmental protection supervision policies continue, and some downstream terminal factories are shut down, and the high temperature and low season are welcome. The downstream demand is difficult to change and the current situation is low, and the consumption is slow.

In the first half of the year, the market price of toluene declined all the time. The inventory of ports in various places remained high. The supply of toluene was sufficient. The downstream demand showed low season characteristics. The operating rate of terminal factories was low, the consumption was slow, and the supply and demand side was weak. The industry was bearish. Business analysts believe that although the price fluctuation of international crude oil can affect the change of toluene market price, the current performance of supply and demand has a greater impact on the toluene market. Recently, international crude oil has closed up for several consecutive days, but in the case of insufficient downstream demand. The market price of toluene was hindered. It is expected that the short-term domestic toluene market will fluctuate within a narrow range, with a fluctuation range of 50-150 yuan/ton.