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Taiwan bans infant milk powder promotion

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(ECNS) - Starting from January 1, 2015, infant milk powder and formula must not be promoted through advertisements, samples, gifts or vouchers, according to regulations from Taiwan's food and drug aut

(ECNS) - Starting from January 1, 2015, infant milk powder and formula must not be promoted through advertisements, samples, gifts or vouchers, according to regulations from Taiwan's food and drug authority.

The island's food and drug watchdog also imposed new regulations on mandatory food safety verifications by third party on-site inspectors for the canned food industry. The move is designed to ensure that the manufacturing process is in accordance with food safety regulations.

Inspections will also be enforced on the food production industry to verify the safety of raw food materials and food additives.

Taiwan launched a food safety office in October to tighten control and soothe public outrage amid a string of cooking oil scandals.