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Nanjing Jiayi Sunway Chemical Co., lt is one of the largest Chemical manufacturer and Trading company in China based in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province. We produce, sell and export Chemical products such as Calcium phosphate, Sodium diacetate, acetate, Sulfate, Citrate, phosphate, Sodium alginate, Agar etc.

Nanjing Jiayi Sunway Chemical Co., ltd works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

Sunway has established a network of strategic alliances with distribution companies who lack the capability to ascend factories to commercial scale and manufacture products in accordance with quality specifications. Our company invests and works with many factories in china.

The products we offer are widely appreciated for their effectiveness, reasonable cost. By serving the commendable range, we have expanded our clientele in several countries like in Europe, Central and West Africa, Middle East, Asia and America



Concept of corporate culture:

Enterprise purpose: to grow together, share success

We grow together with the staff, and employees of the cause of the pursuit of self-affirmation and beyond - to create opportunities for employees

We grow together with our customers, value-added assets to share the joy with customers - to create value for customers

Partners grow together, sharing resources, complementary advantages, powerful combination, Build brilliant

We grow together with the community to promote national economic development, revitalization of the national science and technology - to create benefits for the community


The spirit of enterprise:

dedicated efficient and pragmatic innovation

Innovation is the soul of the company, is the driving force behind the development of the eternal

Tell the truth, the real, do practical work, real results

Dear, respected their career, in order to respect and treat the pious soul career, depending on their career as a vocation

Think of to do, start immediately, rapidly absorbed rapidly changing, swift action



Market-oriented, products and sales as a leader, brands and services as a support to R & D-based